Practical And Proven Parenting Tips For Dads
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Practical And Proven Parenting Tips For Dads | Fatherhood Guide

There isn’t any doubt that the comprehensive guide for parenting tips for dads can save you from big troubles. In traditional times, dads rely on their dads’ practices and childhood experiences. While in contemporary times, family systems have become complex and given birth to many new challenges.

The best parenting tip for dads is to stop neglecting themselves by doubting their fatherhood. Here is what I conclude about my parenting in early fatherhood, “A dilemma of doubt.”

A single doubt – can dent our parenting and cause the most devastating situations that none of us can wonder about. Being a dad is a wonderful feeling. However, most of us overthink parenting abilities and skills.

I remember I used to be afraid of becoming a dad. I was overwhelmed by the fact that parenting comes with huge responsibilities and needed more attention and care. Well, it is true. Parenting for dads isn’t something that can be handled with ignorance.

You cannot imply advanced parenting tips for dad if you are not bounding yourself with basic parenting tips. Your kid needs your time, advice, care, and above all, your protection. Here are my basics and advanced parenting tips for dads that are proven and easy to practice with your kids.   

Practical And Proven Parenting Tips For Dads

1. Give your child the most expensive thing – Your Time.

father playing with kids

 I remember I used to watch dad parenting-based movies to come up with the best way to handle my parenting. I collected many essential pieces of advice and learned things I need to do with my sons and daughter. However, I forget to recall the fact that nothing will work out until I spend myself on them.

Being a father, I know it’s not easy to take time for the kid during the week. However, I converted the meal time into kids’ time. At every breakfast and dinner, we talked about different things. Sometimes, asking about school, and sometimes, I share my office thing with them. In the beginning, it was difficult to involve them in the talk. However, I saw a difference in the third week and observed a bit more confidence in my daughter. No doubt, time will tell its value.

2. Give your ears to your child – They need them

Humans are the most talkative creatures in the universe. So why omit the kids from the list? Kids have the most creative ideas, unchain imaginations, and on-time deal with problems. All these things need your ears.

One of dads’ most effective parenting tips is never to overlook your child’s words. If you don’t pay heed to their words, they feel like their words are losing value. Ultimately, kids will stop sharing their ideas with you, their friends, and others. It will result in an introverted personality in the kids. For this purpose, listen to them carefully and respond positively to their ideas.

3. Install high merit in your child – with your mentorship.

I still remember clearly, one day, my youngest son came home and said something that wasn’t suitable for him. My spouse and I got a little upset about it, but we changed the topic without bringing more attention to his words.

It was the time; I realized my kids needed my mentorship. There is no doubt that kids get exposed to bad things in schools and amusement parks. As a parent, you must teach them about the good stuff and craft a good personality in them.

Every weekend, I share a story with them, full of valuable lessons and moral principles. To inaugurate high merit in my kids, I used to tell the moral lessons that come from fictional characters or stories. It is easy for the kids to pick valuable lessons from the children’s stores.

4. Give them more than textbooks – Extra Dose.

father reading book to his daughter  

No doubt that textbooks are designed in the best way to prepare kids for every field of life. However, for extra success or, in more precise words, to make your child stand out in a crowd, read books to them. Not limit your collection to just comic or fictional stories. But also read books based on billionaire hacks, fall-to-rise storylines, and many other things.

Show them the paths and benefits to kindle a child’s interest in fashion, software, medicine, or any other field. Reading books to my kids increases their intellectual level and also motivates them to work harder. It also reduces the burden on my mind of their future success. Sometimes, the right path foresight the successful future of your child.  

5. Add fun to your life – Not bound yourself with perfection

father teaching daughter cooking

It is by birth that we need everything perfect, even our kids. But they are not perfect, nor are we. Prepare yourself to see the mess when you get home. Do not expect your kids will do their homework on their own. Never make the child angel and yourself a devil. You must be wondering what kind of parenting tips for dads, I’m telling you.

Let me tell you what happened to me when my spouse and I started the eleventh year of our marriage. One day, I came home and saw my wife sitting on the floor. Her hand was on her messy hair, and she was still wearing her office work dress. I scanned a kitchen and realized that kids had a fun day in their wonderland, aka kitchen. I laughed my heart out, and my wife followed me a second later after acknowledging my presence.

I never tried to control my kids’ behavior with anger or strictness. Whenever kids create a mess or problem, you need to see the humor in it and feel the fun part. It helps me to be a great father.

6. Don’t rely on the magic kingdoms – give reality exposure

father enjoying time with kids

Like every other dad, I also used to like to give everything to the kids that they want from me. But in a short time, I realized Disney magic kingdom isn’t enough for my kids to stand in a crowd.

Even a study shows that the fantasy of Disney has a vast dark side that influences kids. Moreover, the youngsters are bound to wait for the prince or Aladdin’s Chirag/magic lamp for their problems. As a father, I believe that children need more exposure to reality than the imaginative world to stand for themselves. These are helpful parenting tips for fathers living in Singapore and worldwide.

7. Signify your role – Father, husband, and supporter

We all learned our first lesson from our homes. That’s why you have to teach your kids respect, love, and understanding by showing them practically. For that purpose, always give respect to your wife, and create a humble, peaceful, and secure environment for your kids.

If kids get an upbringing in such an environment, they are more likely to become successful. Moreover, support your wife in the argument between your kid and a wife. It influences the kids badly if the parents show conflict on the same topic in front of the kids. That’s why you must play your role carefully and never indulge yourself in something that negatively influences your kid. It is the best parenting tip for dads to understand the situation and see where you have to act like a father and a husband.

8. Make your kid respect and understand your “No” – Signify the Alpha

father and daughter playing in the kitchen

People tend to believe that parenting is all about rules and ruling over the kids. It is not. Having rules and regulations in your home is a good thing. It is an important parenting tip for dads who sometimes say “yes” to their kids’ demands and “no” when crying and pleading for an insignificant thing.

If you say “no” more than it requires, it will lose its significance in front of your kid. Use the power of “no” only when you think it is necessary. That’s the only way you can signify the “NO.”

9. Choice wisely – Either punishment or lesson

Now, it’s dad’s concern about how they teach them a valuable lesson that they won’t forget. Giving punishment to the kids is the most traditional method to teach a lesson. However, with technological advancement and other things, penalties can result in worst scenarios.

The best way to keep your kid on the right track is to guide them. Instead of giving your kids harsh punishments, try other ways. For instance, ask them to do the dishes if they repeat the mistake. Or take out something from their pocket money to show them the seriousness of the subject. Believe me, and sometimes a lesson is more important than their feelings.

10. Be there when they need you – because you are the only one they need

Most of us believe that it is sufficient that we are fulfilling their needs. However, kids might not understand the importance of your work and a demanding schedule. But they do know that you are important to them and vice versa.

That’s why they want you everywhere with them. They want you to be there for them in the school meetings, games, and events. It might be hard for you to take the time from your strict working hours. However, to maintain a relationship with them, you must try your best to be there for them.

11. Make a balanced timetable – TV, Games, and outdoor games

father playing video game

As a father, I know if we are alone with our kids, we would like them to watch TV or Play video games which creates less trouble for us.

However, watching TV and playing video games aren’t suitable for their health and creativity. Too much use of these things can ruin their personality and cause future problems. Hence, as fathers, spend time outdoors and do exercise to boost their creativity and enhance their personality.

12. Make them more active and independent

By assigning your children the duty of performing their chores, you may teach them to be independent.

They will feel more independent as they assume more responsibility. And the more independent, the less likely they are to ask for assistance or turn it down when you offer it. Encourage them to think independently and not be frightened to make their own decisions.    

13. Emotions learning – Anger, patience. 

Although it is a human emotion, wrath can be challenging to manage. We must therefore teach our children how to manage their rage.

For this purpose, teach your child how to communicate their sentiments politely. It will help the child to manage their anger. For example, if your kid is angry, throwing toying, or smashing things. In this case, ask them “what happened” or “why they are angry” instead of controlling them

14. Take the first step carefully – Personality development

father teaching a baby

We are all aware of how important the first few years of life are for a child’s growth. That is when we have the most influence over how they grow and develop and when their personalities can emerge

Children can build their personalities through the way we speak to them, the books we read, and the toys we play with. Therefore, read to your children abundantly and spend time playing with them. The quality time you spend with them will benefit them in the long run.

15. Theory of love – Great influence

Parents should love their children so that they develop great self-esteem. If we don’t show our kids love and care, we can’t expect them to grow up as confident individuals.

However, it can sometimes be hard to show love when children are acting out. Yet, handling such a situation properly is crucial for their personality development. Fathers need to be aware of how they behave around their kids since it dramatically affects how they see themselves.

As a father, you must be patient, listen to, and empathize with your children’s feelings. So they feel loved and accepted.

Fathers need to be aware of how they behave around their kids since it dramatically affects how they see themselves.

16. Never discuss your kids’ bad habits – in public

father playing with kids in the park

Kids don’t overlook or ignore things around them. They are watching your words and actions, especially about them. The best parenting tips for dads are never to publicly discuss their bad habits. It also includes what they did wrong, how they act towards different people and things, and how they look or appear. 

Speaking negatively of your children in front of others gives the appearance that you don’t get along with them. Additionally, it can give them the impression that you don’t value them. As a dad, I always avoid discussing my children in public. Even sometimes, my spouse and I discuss them privately. So they don’t get hurt by our words or actions.

Final Thought 

Although being a father and caring for your children may not be easy, with some help, you will be on your way to better parenting practices. The tips I provided are proven and definitely very practical in today’s day and age for people all around the world. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. These are the best proven and practical parenting tips for fathers living in Singapore and all across the world. These parenting tips work for everyone. 

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