Primary School

10 Best AI Tools for Teachers 2023

10 Best Free AI Tools for Teachers – Making Students Excited about Education

As a teacher by profession, AI tools for teachers have emerged as game-changers in education, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions

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Christmas Gifts for Teachers

25 Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers in Singapore to Show Appreciation

Christmas Gifts for Teachers and Preschool Teacher As the holiday season draws near, my heart swells with gratitude and appreciation

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Emotionally Unavailable Parents- Banner

The Impact of Emotionally Unavailable Parents

Have you ever wondered how our earliest relationships, particularly those with our parents, shape the course of our lives? The

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Dismissive Mother

Unique Approach to Parenting as a Dismissive Mother

Have you ever wondered if a dismissive mother’s seemingly unorthodox parenting style could hold the key to unlocking extraordinary potential

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The 'Refrigerator Mothers' Theory and Autism: Past and Present

The ‘Refrigerator Mothers’ Theory and Autism: Past and Present

What if the key to unlocking the mysteries of autism had been hidden within the folds of family dynamics all

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Stressed teacher overwhelmed by workload and responsibilities

7 Signs of Teacher Burnout: Navigating Exhaustion in Preschool Educators

As a preschool teacher, the journey of shaping young minds is undeniably rewarding. However, the reality is that this noble

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Teaching teaching a kid- will ai replace teachers?

Decoding the Future: Will AI Replace Teachers in Education?

Many people are wondering, will AI replace teachers in the future? Is the role of human teachers becoming obsolete? Artificial

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A sad-looking 8-9-year-old girl, appearing pensive and sorrowful, potentially reflecting the impact of childhood trauma and the fear of rejection she carries.

From Setbacks to Superpowers: Empowering Your Kids to Rise Above Rejection

As parents, we all know that rejection can feel like a heavyweight villain, lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

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