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Explore Singapore’s Only Crocodile Farm: Long Kuan Hung

Are you ready to come face to face-with one of the world’s most fearsome predators? Then it’s time to visit the Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm, the only crocodile farm in Singapore! One of the most fascinating aspects of the crocodile farm in Singapore is its commitment to conservation and sustainability. In addition to raising crocodiles for meat and leather, the farm also participates in breeding programs and supports research into the conservation of these incredible animals.

As visitors to the farm, you can take a guided tour of the facilities and see the crocodiles at various stages of their development, from eggs to hatchlings to full-grown adults. You’ll also learn about the different species of crocodiles raised at the farm, including the largest living reptile on Earth, the saltwater crocodile.

Kids at the crocodile farm

Image Credit: Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm Facebook Page

In addition to the guided tours, the crocodile farm in Singapore also offers live feeding shows where you can see the crocodiles in action as they hunt and consume their prey. It’s a thrilling and sometimes terrifying experience, but one that’s sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for these ancient creatures.

About the Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm Lim Chu Kang, is also known as Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm, was founded in 1964. It is the last and only crocodile farm in Singapore. Located at Neo Tiew Crescent near Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, the farm houses over 13,000 crocodiles from all over the world, including some near-extinct species.

Preschool kids at Crocodile farm in Singapore

Image Credit: Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm Facebook Page

The farm was started by Mr. Long Kuan Hung, who was a crocodile enthusiast and conservationist. He wanted to create a place where crocodiles could be bred and raised in a safe and sustainable environment. The farm also serves as an educational center, where visitors can learn about crocodiles and their importance to the ecosystem.

Today, Crocodile Farm Lim Chu Kang is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Dive into the Crocodile Farm Singapore Experience

For an added immersive experience, the Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm offers a special “Crocodile Education Program” that’s perfect for school groups, corporate outings and other organized tours. During the program, you will learn about the crocodiles’ natural habitats, diets, behaviours as well as the vital role these prehistoric creatures play in the ecosystem.

Kids being explain about Crocodile eggs at Crocodile park

If you’re interested in taking home a memento from your visit, the crocodile farm also has a gift shop. It sells a variety of crocodile-themed souvenirs. Some souvenirs include keychains, bags and leather goods made from genuine crocodile skin!

Being the only crocodile farm in Singapore, Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm provides a one-of-a-kind experience. It will surely leave a lasting impression, perfect for families, nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for something different to do in Singapore. It is open to visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm and admission is affordable, making it a great option for families and budget-conscious travelers.

So if you’re looking for a unique, exciting and educational way to spend a day in Singapore, be sure to put the crocodile farm on your itinerary! We are sure you will discover the wonder and beauty of these incredible creatures! So, come and discover the wonders of the crocodile farm in Singapore and experience the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures up close!


Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm Location

Address: 321 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718914


Crocodile Park  Operating Hours: 

Sunday Closed
Monday 9 am–5 pm
Tuesday 9 am–5 pm
Wednesday 9 am–5 pm
Thursday 9 am–5 pm
Friday 9 am–5 pm
Saturday 9 am–5 pm


Video Credits: Mr.Tom’sAdventures

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