20 Animal farms in Singapore
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Exploring 20 Fascinating Animal Farms in Singapore

Animal Farms in Singapore

Discover the Top Animal Farms in Singapore: Feed Goats, Pet Dogs, and Get Up Close with Cows! Immerse Yourself in Nature

If there is something Singapore is known for today, it is the busy husting lifestyle and tall skyscrapers. Urban dynamism has dominated the island that was once; filled with farms and villages.

Any Singaporean locals would agree to this; that no modernity matches the kampong spirit of the country.

The land has come a long way since those days but there is a way to go back to the Singaporean roots and have a glimpse of it! Take your kids for an unconventional day out and enrich them on Singaporean history by visiting the animal farms.

Well, worry not! You can find these farms right here in the concrete jungle!

Furthermore, farm visits are a great way to educate children on different types of animals, their habitats, and also; the relationship between humans and animals.

Furthermore, with the advancement of the country, farmers are also exploring the involvement of advanced technologies to sustain agricultural growth and uphold the quality of the local produce.

Here are a few reasons why parents should take their kids on animal farm visits:

  • Teaches children, where the food comes from which, keeps them healthy- for example, the milk and the veggies.
  • It enlightens students on how to seriously take up responsibilities by learning how the farmers look after their farms.
  • Farming teaches kids how each animal is different from others and requires a different kind of care.
  • Not everything is in the books. Some lessons are through real-life practices. A visit to the farm helps children understand this better with live demonstrations, for example, communication skills, hard work, caring and etc.
  • Farming is not an easy job. It is the best example to prove to children, that; hard work pays off with precious rewards.

True; Singapore is not rich in the countryside and sloping hills, but it has its fair share of animal farms.

Want to feed the animals? Pet them? Or, do none but click pictures? Beyond the tall scrapers and large malls, we have found impressive farms to have an exciting and thrilling experience!

Below mentioned are a few local animal farms located in Singapore:

Cow Farms:

Cow farming is the process of raising cows and cattle for various reasons, such as milk, cheese, and other products. Cattle farming is present all across the world. There are several techniques for farming cows and cattle according to their purpose- for example,

  • Beef cattle are farmed on ranches, feedlots and in feed yards.
  • The farming of milk-producing cows is done in dairy farms.

However, there is an industrial and intensive way of farming cows that are raised for both; milk and beef.

There are several reasons for cattle farming and profitable benefits as well. Below mentioned are a few:

  • Cow farms are financially rewarding. One way is to sell the fresh milk produced by your cattle.
  • Furthermore, their skin makes good leather for making belts, boots, etc.
  • Cattle farms open job opportunities for many farmers; thus, in one sense, it is supporting the country’s economy.
  • The dung of cows and cattle has nutrients that enrich the soil.
  • The manure can also be sold as a soil fertilizer.
  • Raw materials can be used for medical purposes and to manufacture cosmetic products.

The Cow Farms in Singapore-

Viknesh Dairy Farm

How boring would a cuppa be without milk? Visit the Viknesh Dairy Farm and find out where the milk comes from! Pay a small fee and get up close with the cows, feed them grass, pat them and watch them live when they produce milk.

Viknesh Dairy Farm is one of the renowned farms in Singapore. The suppliers have Hindu beliefs deeply embedded in them- thus, ensuring the production of fresh milk with no added preservatives or dilution.

On your way back; you can purchase this fresh milk and yogurt.

Location- 6 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A, Singapore 719607

Opening Hours- 10 AM – 4 PM (Open Daily)

Website- https://vikneshdairyfarm.com.sg/


Dairy Folks

Away from the busy hustling and bustling of the city, hidden in the lush greenery of Lim Chu Kang, lies our cow farm. The farm was established in 1936, with only six cows. And, with humble beginnings, the farm is today known for producing pure and natural fresh milk in Singapore, with farming over hundred dairy cows, also known as the Holstein Friesians Cows.

Location- 5 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A, Singapore 719608 

Website- https://dairyfolks.com/our-farm/


Goat farm-

There is an increasing popularity in the goat farming business as they are easier to farm and breed than other livestock. Besides, it is also a profitable business farming these social animals. The main reason for raising goats is for their fibre, milk and etc. There are distinct breeds for each purpose. However, there are several crossover breeds too, which serve multiple purposes.

Here’s how goat farms are beneficial:

  • Goats are generally small in size, so less space is required.
  • A variety of breeds are available.
  • They require less feed and are easier to farm.
  • They grow faster and are adaptive to the weather.
  • You can breed and sell the goats.
  • Can make profits by selling goat’s milk.
  • Rent out your goats to eat brush and clear land.
  • Can yield high-quality yarn.

The Goat Farm in Singapore:

Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Preschool kids visiting goat farm in singaporeImage Credits: Hay Dairie

It is the only farm in Singapore that has goats! It allows visitors to take a free tour around the farm to observe how goat farming works, and if you get lucky enough to make it between 9 AM- 10.30 AM; you can also witness the milking session.

There are over eight hundred goats, and there is no fun without having no interactions right? Have a thrilling experience by feeding the goats, patting them and even more- milking a goat or two.

Perhaps, goat’s milk is considered to be a healthier option than cow’s milk. TEnd your trip by purchasing fresh goat milk- it could be the one you milked, and taste the difference!

Location- 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859

Opening Hours- 9 AM- 4 PM

                        – Monday, Wednesday- Sunday

Closed- Tuesday

Website- https://haydairies.sg/farm-visit-2/


Fish Farm:

Aquaculture, also known as fish farming; is in practice for years, advancing over time. For instance, in today’s time, a fish farm can produce both freshwater and saltwater fish. There are several advantages of farmed fish- such as; it leaves a small carbon footprint; and also does not promote overfishing. Besides that, there is less transportation cost for trading the fish in the markets. Moreover, the fish are saved from predators, and there is no starvation when it comes to satisfying the fish’s hunger!

As per the reports, by the end of 2021- there were 110 sea-based farms in Singapore. Below mentioned are a few of them.

The Fish farm in Singapore-

Ah, Hua Fishing

Preschool kids visiting and playing with fish in fish farmImage Credits: Ah, Hua Fishing

The ideal getaway on weekends is at the family-friendly open-air prawning farm. It is situated close to Pasir Ris MRT. Indeed, prawning is all about patience, and while you wait, you can even bottle-feed the koi fish.

Location- 125a Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121

Opening Hours- 24/7

Website- https://ah-hua-fishing.business.site/


Nippon Koi Farm

It is an award-winning farm for housing the exclusively bred Koi fish from Japan. The extensive displays of these Koi are a fascinating view for all! Besides, it is also the country’s first large-scale aquaponic farm.

Location- 51 Jln Lekar, Singapore 698946

Opening Hours- 8.30 AM – 7 PM

                                   -Open Daily

Website- https://www.nipponkoifarm.com/


Qian Hu Fish Farm

There are over 1000 species of fish on this farm and an abundance of activities for your little one- from taking an entire fish tour to decorating their fish tanks- it is never boring here! Besides that, you can also opt for the traditional style of longkang fishing.

Whether it is finding Nemo and his friends, or having a date with Dory- head to Qian Hu Fish Farm!

After an exciting tour at the farm; you can end your day by indulging in relaxing fish therapy at the onsite cafe.

Location- 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore 698950

Opening Hours- 9 AM – 6 PM | Monday- Friday

                        – 9 AM – 7 PM | Saturday- Sunday

Website- http://www.qianhufish.com


Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

Preschool kids fishing and playing in a fish farm in SingaporeImage Credits: Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

The speciality of this farm is that children will get to witness the largest freshwater fish in the world- the Arapaima. Besides that, there are other species available too; such as stingrays, prawns and catfishes. Are you looking for an exciting activity? Longkang fishing is available too.

Location- No 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 Singapore 519352

Opening Hours- 8.30 AM – 7 PM | Monday-Sunday

Social Media Page- facebook.com/mainlandfishfarm/


Marugen Fish Farm

A boutique fish farm in Singapore that specialises in breeding and selling Japanese Koi fish. These high-quality Koi fishes and Japanese goldfishes are hand-picked and imported to Singapore.

Location-8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A, Singapore 718877

Website- https://marugenfishfarm.com/


Bee farms:

Indeed, beekeeping is a tougher job than farming on the field, but it brings out sweet outcomes. Such as honey production, pollination to boost agricultural growth, and even to support other bees!

Perhaps, there is no comparison with freshly produced honey. Natural honey can generate great income. Furthermore, one can make money by selling beeswax, and propolis and by renting the beehive to farmers.

The Bee Farms in Singapore-

Bee Amazed Garden

Kids at Bee farm Image Credits: Bee amazed garden

Straight from its name, it described the bee farm, an amazing garden filled with bees! Hence- walk-in only with beekeeping outfits; will be given at the visit.

Indeed, it is an educational visit for the little ones, as well as yourself as you will learn the following:

  • Basic beekeeping lessons
  • Honey tasting
  • Handling honeycombs with bees
  • How to deal with bee stings
  • Entering the beehive observatory

Location – 91 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769201

Website- https://www.beeamazed.com.sg/


The Sundowner Nature Experience Centre

It is a unique experience as the bee farm is located on the rooftop of a three-level spiral stairway building.

Usually, if you do not disturb the bees, the bees will not disturb you. However, for the famously known bee-encounter experience, bee suits are provided.

Location- 705A E Coast Rd, Singapore 459062

Opening Hours- Based on appointments.

Website- https://www.thesundownersg.com/rooftop-farm-experience


Little Green Bee Farm

Starting from little beginnings, with one bee colony in the backyard, little green bees began their venture. Having an experience of over a decade, along with an expansion of thirthy+ bee colonies in Singapore, Little Green Bee Fram strives to offer pure, healthy and sweetest honey in the town. That is not it! They also offer therapeutic salves and medicines, beeswax, hand-curated soaps, and even handmade candles!

Pay a visit to this farm and learn the art of beekeeping- also, buy some goodies on your way back! You will not regret it.

Location-865 Mountbatten Rd, b1-27, Singapore 437844

Website- https://littlegreenbees.com/



A visit to this farm and you will fall for the passion of beekeeping. An open garden in Singapore that aims to preserve bees and restore them and grow their community.

It is a highly educational farm as it educates one about the beekeeping process as well as makes them step in the practicality of it under assistance.

Location- 340B Sembawang Cl, Singapore 752340

Website- https://www.nutrinests.com/


Frog Farm:

There are several reasons to farm frogs. For some, it is to protect and sustain the supply of frogs for consumption.

For some, it is to ensure these healthy frogs come in handy in protecting the crops from pests and other harmful insects.

And for some, the sole purpose of having a frog farm is just for pleasure and pay- a tourist spot.

The frog farms in Singapore-

Jurong Frog Farm

Kids visiting frog farm in SGImage Credits: Jurong Frog Farm

This Singaporean farm is home to over 10,000 amphibians. It could truly be a family time having an entire tour around this farm, and along the way, feed the grogs, touch these slippery creatures and even take cool photos with them!

The tour will enlighten you on the entire life cycle of a frog, from birth to death.

Furthermore, you can end the day by enjoying a Chinese dessert made from a frog.

Location- 51 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 718864

Opening Hours- 9 AM- 5.30 PM

                        – Saturday/ Sunday

Website- https://jurongfrogfarm.com.sg/


Turtle Farm:

The purpose of turtle farming is a commercial pursuit- in which the turtles are bred, hatched, and raised for sale to the food and pet industry. Besides that, turtles can also be an essential raw ingredient used for medical purposes.

Turtle farming is usually considered aquaculture as it trades and raises freshwater turtles.

Furthermore, turtle farming is a very profitable industry. And, it also requires very less capital to start up.

The Turtle Farms in Singapore-

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Kids playing with turtles in Turtle farmImage Credits: The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

This farm in Singapore is holding a Guinness World record for having the most extensive turtle and tortoise collection. Housing over 200 types of turtles and tortoises; it also has the third largest tortoise in the world. A few others are the African spurred tortoise, Indian star tortoise, river turtle, six-legged tortoise and much more! It would be a mindblowing experience to gain so much knowledge about these reptiles. Furthermore, you can also feed them!

Location- 81 Lor Chencharu, #01-16, ORTO 769198

Opening Hours- 10 AM- 6 PM

                         – Monday, Wednesday- Sunday

Closed- Tuesdays

Website- https://turtle-tortoise.com/


Bird Farms:

Poultry farming has several benefits. And hence, it has an increasing investment as a business. Chicken is a highly consumed meat, followed by eggs and turkey. Indeed, the farming of these birds generates a higher return on investment. Here’s why a poultry farm is beneficial;

  • Can sell eggs
  • Maximise profits by selling meat
  • Minimal space required for farming
  • Does not require high capital to start the farming
  • has a rising demand for these products

The Bird Farms in Singapore:

Toh Thye San Farm

Named after its founder, Toh Thye San, the bird farm was established in 1979. True to its roots, the farm still remains a family-operated business but on a larger scale. Take a walk on our farm and be surrounded by chicks and chickens. End your tour by purchasing fresh meat and eggs.

Location- 7A Lichfield Road, Singapore 556827

Website- https://www.oeo.com.sg/


Mandai Birds Sanctuary

It is the largest bird farm in Singapore, with over 1000+ beautiful birds for trade.

Established over two decades ago; the farm’s speciality lies in looking after and breeding exotic species of birds; and preserving them.

Step in here and witness the exquisite creatures flying all over; from macaws, cockatoos, and parrots to many more! If you get lucky enough, you can also feed one or two!

Location- 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813

Website- https://www.mandaibirds.com


Cat Farm:

Farmed cats are more likely to be outdoors independent and prefer less human contact. Petting these cats would make you feel less like the owner but a guardian to them. If you intend to bring a farm cat home, they require the freedom to roam around the house and even need the space if they want to stay distant from humans. Besides, they should also get proper food, water and shelter.

Taming these cats would take a while, but it is possible!

Cat Farms in Singapore-

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore (KiSS)

cat and kitten farm in SGImage Credits: Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

It is a non-profit organization for the lifelong adaptation of kittens. The aim is to educate children and adults about cats, and if you like any of them- you can also go through the adaption procedure!

Location-737A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198705

Website- Https://www.kittensanctuarysg.org/


The Cat Museum & Academy

Cat Museum and cat farm in SingaporeImage Credits: The Cat Museum & Academy

Established in 2015, it is another non-profit organization in Singapore that encourages the public to pay a visit and tour the wide variety of cats. Furthermore, they also promote the healthy adaption of these cats.

Location-781A North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 198749

Website- https://www.thecatmuseumsg.org/


Dog Farm

A dog farm, which is also known as a puppy farm, is usually the place where puppies are bred and sold.

Dog Farm in Singapore:

Pet me Please

Pet and Dog orphanage in SingaporeImage Credits: Pet me Please

Once you walk in, you will never feel like walking out! An area filled with puppies will make you want to have your own before you leave this place! These puppies aren’t from the farm and are ethically bred for a healthier life!

Besides, you will also learn a lot about puppies and dogs.

Location- 48 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427772



Pretty Pets Kennels

Not your typical institute of breeding dogs! Here at Pretty Pets Kennels; it is ensured that healthy breeding practices are performed to provide a great service to pet lovers out there in Singapore! This means Pretty Pets Kennels understand that humans also need company- and they aim to provide the best companion for you!

Indeed, a visit here will make you want to adopt more than one dog. Take your little one and make your selection from a wide range of various dog breeds.

Location- Block B #02-04, Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699014


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