Emotionally Distant Father-Daughter Relationships

Understanding Emotionally Distant Father-Daughter Relationships

Being a daughter and a preschool teacher with experience in helping children develop their emotional and social skills. I have

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Toxic Mother- Mother yelling at her daughter

Dealing with a Toxic Mother: Navigating Relationships with Challenger

Building and maintaining relationships can be complex, especially when faced with challenging dynamics. Among these, dealing with a toxic mother

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Helicopter Parenting- Main banner

The Impact of Helicopter Parenting on Child Development

In the realm of modern parenting, there exists a term that encapsulates a particular approach to nurturing and guiding children,

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Malicious Parent Syndrome- Main Banner

Unraveling the Complexity of Malicious Parent Syndrome

I’ve had the privilege of delving into various topics that affect people’s lives. Today, we’re going to explore a rather

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Asian couple with their children, representing the diversity in family structures in Singapore

What are the typical family structures in Singapore?

Welcome to our blog post on the vibrant topic of family structures in Singapore! A multicultural melting pot, this city-state

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Tiger mother teaching her daughter- Tiger mom parenting

Unleashing the Roaring Success: The Irresistible Perks of Tiger Mom Parenting

Today, we’re delving into a fascinating and often contested type of parenting style known as Tiger Mom Parenting. This topic

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A sad-looking 8-9-year-old girl, appearing pensive and sorrowful, potentially reflecting the impact of childhood trauma and the fear of rejection she carries.

From Setbacks to Superpowers: Empowering Your Kids to Rise Above Rejection

As parents, we all know that rejection can feel like a heavyweight villain, lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

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Asian parents making sure their kids learning properly

Why Asian Parents Expectations Are So High

Have you ever wondered why Asian parents set sky-high expectations for their children?  The kind of expectations not only include

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