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Discover the Joy at Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground! 

In my role as a preschool teacher, I frequently receive enthusiastic accounts from my young students about the Yishun playground. Positioned adjacent to HomeTeamNS Khatib, Yishun N8 Park is a local park that offers a verdant environment for residents, children, and families to come together and enjoy outdoor activities. The Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground is a burst of colour and fun nestled in the heart of Singapore.


Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore: Where Fun Takes Flight!

Playground designs are soaring to new heights in Singapore, and guess what? Yishun N8 Park boasts one of the most unique playgrounds in the Lion City! Picture this: a vibrant playground adorned with playhouses on stilts. How cool is that?

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Greenery Galore!

What’s not to love about the park setting? The Yishun Treehouse Playground is surrounded by lush green spaces, adding a touch of nature to your kiddo’s playtime adventures.


Two Sections, Double the Fun!

This playground is a double delight! Divided into two sections, your little explorers can choose from a smaller area equipped with playhouses and hammocks or dive into the main section. The main area features not one, but two sets of playhouses, along with swings, trampolines, and tunnels. Bonus: There’s an older playground right next door for even more fun!


Yishun Playground

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Colourful Playhouses on Stilts

The star attraction? Three sets of playhouses on stilts, each set linked by net bridges. Climbing up is all part of the fun – conquer nets and poles to reach the top. Then, navigate the net bridges before sliding down for an exhilarating experience!

Yishun Playground 4

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Challenge Accepted!

Getting through the playhouses might be a tad tricky at first, but fear not! Your little adventurers will be masters of the playground in no time. Different heights cater to different climbing abilities, ensuring every child can join the fun.


Yishun Playground 2

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Variety is the Spice of Play

Start at the lowest playhouse set when your kiddos are still finding their footing. Once they’re pros, conquer the tallest playhouse set with its thrilling spiral slide – it’s a loop of pure excitement!


Medium Height Playhouses & Hammock Haven

Discover the medium-height playhouses in the smaller section, perfect for a breather on the cosy hammocks.


More Than Playhouses: Adventure Awaits!

Beyond playhouses, the Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground is a treasure trove of fun with built-in trampolines, swings, and tunnels. Your little ones have ample space to frolic and explore.

Yishun Playground 4

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Crawl, Climb, Enjoy the Breeze

Encourage your kiddos to crawl through tunnels, climb mounds for a better view, and relish the cool breeze.


Toddler Time: A Playground for the Wee Ones

Adjacent to the Yishun N8 Park Treehouse Playground is an older playground with climbing nets, slides, swings, and a fitness corner. Perfect for parents to squeeze in a workout while keeping an eye on their little adventurers. Toddlers can hop on kiddie rides in their special zone!


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