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MacRitchie TreeTop Walk Singapore: Must-Visit for Nature and Adventure Lovers

Singapore’s TreeTop Walk has grown in popularity with tourists who enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and being in nature since its public opening in 2004. The TreeTop Walk in Singapore is an iconic attraction that provides visitors with a fresh perspective of the area’s lush greenery and wildlife.



Discover the iconic TreeTop Walk in Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve. This renowned 250-meter suspension bridge, 25 meters above ground, offers a stunning bird’s-eye view of lush greenery. Accessible from MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the 2.5-kilometer trail showcases diverse plant and animal life. Follow our guide for transportation, trail details, and safety tips to ensure a memorable experience. Explore the rich biodiversity, follow safety measures, and plan your visit during optimal times for an immersive adventure in the heart of Singapore’s natural beauty.

This 250-meter-long suspension bridge is 25 metres above the ground and gives a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the surrounding canopy.

In this post, we will cover all you require about the TreeTop Walk, including how to get there, trail specifics and the flora and fauna visitors can expect to see. We will also give visitors valuable tips to protect themselves and improve their overall experience.


Location and Accessibility to Macritchie Treetop Walk

TreeTop Walk Singapore Map and location


The TreeTop Walk is located in Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve. This place is in the heart of the city-state. Visitors must first walk 2.5 kilometres from MacRitchie Reservoir Park to reach the TreeTop Walk. 

The trail is well-marked and relatively easy to follow. The trail leading to the TreeTop Walk is well-kept and gives visitors a glimpse of the area’s varied plant and animal life. You will see beautiful streams, peaceful forests, and even monkeys swinging from the trees along the way.

The map of the MacRitchie Trails is available for download here.


Directions to the location of TreeTop Walk

How to get to Macritchie TreeTop Walk Singapore

The TreeTop Walk is near MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore’s central catchment area. It can be reached from various starting points based on the tourist’s preferences. 


The following are directions to the TreeTop Walk from the two most popular starting points:

From the Venus Drive Carpark

  • From the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, take bus 163 or 167 to the Upper Thomson Road bus stop.
  • Take a walk to the intersection of Upper Thomson Road and Venus Drive.
  • Cross the street and proceed up Venus Drive to the Venus Drive Carpark.
  • The TreeTop Walk entrance is situated close to the carpark.

From MacRitchie Reservoir Park, take the following route

  • From Bishan Bus Interchange, take bus numbers 52, 74, 93, 157, 130, 132, 162, or 165 to the MacRitchie Reservoir Park bus stop.
  • Enter the park and look for the TreeTop Walk signs.
  • The TreeTop Walk’s entrance is near the Ranger Station.

Visitors who want to visit Singapore’s TreeTop Walk have many choices for transportation. Buses and taxis are examples of these.


The area around the TreeTop Walk is served by several buses, including 52, 74, 93, 157, 130, 132, 162, and 165. Visitors can board these buses at various locations throughout Singapore, including the Bishan Bus Interchange and the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange. The MacRitchie Reservoir Park bus stop is the closest to the TreeTop Walk.


Taxis are accessible in Singapore and you can hail one from various locations. Visitors can request that their taxi driver drop them off at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the nearest point to the TreeTop Walk.

Note: It is worth noting that before visiting the TreeTop Walk, visitors must check the bus schedule and frequency. Visitors should also consider the waiting period for cabs and buses, particularly at peak times.


Macritchie Treetop Walk Trail Details

The trail leading up to Singapore’s TreeTop Walk is a 2.5-kilometre walk that begins at MacRitchie Reservoir Park. The trail is well-marked and well-maintained, making it simple to navigate, even for beginner hikers.

The TreeTop Walk links the Central Catchment Nature Reserve’s two highest hills, offering stunning scenery of the lush vegetation and Upper Pierce Reservoir. Those up for the challenge can set out on the 3.5 km, 1.5-hour one-way walk to the destination and take in the spectacular view.

The entire walk to the TreeTop Walk takes about an hour, depending on the hiker’s pace. The trail is relatively flat and straightforward, making it appropriate for hikers of all ages and fitness levels. 

Tourists should be aware, however, that the walk can be challenging in hot and humid weather, so bring plenty of water and stay hydrated.


Summary of the plant and Animal life 

Plants and wildlife in TreeTop walk SG


The TreeTop Walk is a superb manner of experiencing the rich biodiversity of Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve. 

On the trail that leads up to the TreeTop Walk, along with the bridge itself, visitors can see a vast range of plant and animal life. Visitors to the TreeTop Walk can see the following plants and animals:


Rubber Trees

Tourists can notice a large number of rubber trees within Central Catchment Nature Reserve, which is an essential agricultural product in Singapore.


Dipterocarps are a species of huge tropical hardwood trees native to Southeast Asia. They are among the most commonly found species in the area and can grow to a height of 70 metres.


The Central Catchment Nature Reserve is a haven for a wide range of orchids, including the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower.


Long-tailed macaques are easily found in the vicinity and can frequently be seen along the trail that leads up to the TreeTop Walk. Visitors should refrain from approaching or feeding them.


You can witness the large black squirrel, which is very common in the area.

TreeTop Walk animals to see


The TreeTop Walk is a superb place to observe birds. Over 100 species of birds can be found within Central Catchment Nature Reserve, such as the Blue-rumped Parrot and the Grey Heron.


Various butterflies, along with the Common Rose and the Plain Tiger, can be seen in the area.

Visitors to the TreeTop Walk can encounter the Central Catchment Nature Reserve’s rich biodiversity while observing a wide range of animals and plants that are unique to the area.

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TreeTop Walk Experience

Visitors to the TreeTop Walk can genuinely appreciate a breathtaking and unforgettable view of Singapore’s natural beauty. The bridge is 250 meters long and 25 meters above ground, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind and spectacular view of the lush canopy of trees and the surrounding area.

When walking on the TreeTop Walk Singapore, tourists should be mindful of the safety precautions they must take. For example, visitors must always stay on the designated walkway and refrain to run or jump on the bridge.

People visiting should also be considerate of their surroundings and take better care not to disturb the local wildlife.


How to prepare for the hike Treetop Walk

Prepare yourself for the challenging but beautiful journey of TreeTop Walk Singapore. Here are some pointers on how you can prepare for the walk and the weather:

Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes

Wear sturdy shoes because the trail leading up to the TreeTop Walk is uneven, with many tree roots and rocks along the way. 

Bring enough water and snacks

Since the walk lasts 3-4 hours, bring enough water and snacks to energize and hydrate throughout the journey.

Wear appropriate clothing

Singapore’s weather is hot and humid year-round, so wearing light and breathable clothing is essential to keep you cool and comfortable during the hike. You should also wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun.

Check the weather forecast

The weather in Singapore can be unpredictable, so you must confirm the forecast before heading on the walk. It’s best to postpone the hike if there’s a chance of rain or thunderstorms.

Bring a rain jacket or poncho

If you decide to go on the hike and the weather forecast calls for rain, you should bring a rain jacket or poncho to keep you dry.

Follow the signs and instructions

Tourists must abide by the signs and instructions displayed along the trail and at the TreeTop Walk. Rules and regulations guard visitors’ safety and the conservation of the area’s natural assets. 

Visitors are not allowed to deviate from designated paths or attempt to climb trees or other structures.

Maintain a secure distance from wildlife

While the TreeTop Walk is an outstanding place to observe wildlife, visitors should remain far from any wildlife they encounter. Some animals in the area are violent, and visitors should avoid trying to reach or feed them.

Take breaks as necessary

Because the walk can be physically demanding, it’s essential to rest and catch your breath as required.


Perfect time to visit TreeTop Walk Singapore

Time to Visit Treetop walk Singapore


Opening Hours

The TreeTop Walk Singapore is accessible Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on weekends and holidays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

Please keep in mind that the attraction is shut on Mondays (with the exception of public holidays) and that the last entry is at 4:45 pm. 

We advise tourists to plan their trip during the week or aim to reach between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm to guarantee secure distance and minimize wait times.

Below are a few recommendations for the best time of day to visit:

  • Early morning: The TreeTop Walk is best visited in the early hours of the day as it is cooler and less crowded. You’ll have a higher probability of seeing wildlife and more time to enjoy the scenic beauty.
  • Mid-evening: Mid-evening is another absolutely superb time to visit the TreeTop Walk. The weather has cooled down, and the large crowd has typically thinned at this time. The sunset views from the bridge are indeed spectacular.
  • Avoid midday: Because Singapore’s weather can be oppressively hot during the day, it’s recommended that you avoid visiting the TreeTop Walk at this time. The heat can sometimes be overwhelming, making the hike more stressful.
  • Weekdays: Weekdays are usually less packed than weekends, so plan your tour on a weekday if feasible. This will let you soak up the beautiful scenery and take photographs without feeling rushed.


Video Credit: Pedro Nascimento



The TreeTop Walk Singapore is truly a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking experience, allowing visitors to delve into nature while admiring breathtaking views of lush greenery. 

It’s no surprise that it’s a popular tourist and local attraction because of its native plants and animals, protective measures, and convenient location. So pack your bags, put on your hiking boots, and get ready to explore one of Singapore’s most beautiful and mesmerizing hiking trails.

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