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Durian Generation vs Strawberry Generation: Understanding the Differences

Durian Generation vs Strawberry Generation

I believe that; people adapt to the society in which they live. How so? Let us observe it more closely.

Indeed, every generation has its own unique characteristics, values, and ideologies that influence how they perceive the world.

For instance, in recent times, two generations have recently gained fame in Singapore; the Durian Generation and the Strawberry Generation.

Even though they both have unique traits, it is vital for us to understand what sets them apart and how they differ from one another.


What is Durian Generation?

The young adults in Singapore born between the late 1980s and mid-1990s are known as the “Durian Generation.”

They are frequently referred to as “durians” due to their public image for being spoiled, entitled, and demanding nature. And parents are held responsible for corrupting them. 

Even though; they fit the frames of being rude, ungrateful, and demanding, it is said that members of the Durian Generation are fiercely independent, self-assured, and incredibly ambitious.

What is Strawberry Generation?

Contrarily, the ‘Strawberry Generation’ refers to the younger generation born between the middle of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. 

What describes them the best, as opposed to the Durian Generation?

Passive, indecisive, and overly sensitive! 

We perceive this generation as overly sensitive and lacking the fortitude to overcome difficulties despite having a powerful sense of entitlement. 

8 Differences between the Durian Generation and the Strawberry Generation

  • Durian Generation Vs. Strawberry Generation

The Durian Generation refers to a group of entitled and privileged people who received excessive portions of material wealth and attention as children. 

The term Strawberry Generation refers to people who are less driven and more laid back than their previous generation.


Durian Generation- 

I have noticed members of the Durian Generation have higher and more luxurious expectations. For instance, they might expect a luxury car from their parents upon graduation.

Strawberry Generation-

A member of the Strawberry Generation may be content with a used car or no car at all.


  • Sense of entitlement: 

We see a pattern in Durian Generation. They are known for having a sense of entitlement, feeling they are owed certain privileges and luxuries because of their upbringing. 

On the other hand, the Strawberry Generation has a tendency to be more independent and does not anticipate things to be achieved easily without hard work.


Durian Generation- 

A member might feel that they deserve a promotion without putting in the effort.

Strawberry Generation-

A member of this group is more likely to work hard to earn it.


  • Work Approach: 

The Durian Generation is frequently chastised for being entitled and lacking a strong work ethic, whereas the Strawberry Generation is known for being more laid-back and less driven.


Durian Generation-

A member might quit a job if it becomes too challenging or demanding.

Strawberry Generation-

A member of the strawberry generation is more likely to stick it out and find ways to improve. Personally witnessed, members of this group do not give up easily. 


  • Parenting style and techniques: 

The Durian Generation is often brought up by overly protective parents who give them everything they want, instilling a sense of entitlement. 

On the other hand, strawberry generation parents are more hands-off and support their kids’ independence. We equip them in hard work and effort drills so they know they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and won’t take it for granted!


Durian Generation-

They may receive luxurious care from their parents and never have to do any housework.

Strawberry Generation-

They are more likely to have learned about household duties at a young age. Meaning they can survive any corner of the world by themselves!


  • Technology use: 

The Durian Generation is technologically savvy but may lack social skills because they have grown up with technology at their fingertips. 

Despite still being familiar with technology, the Strawberry Generation is less likely than the Durian Generation to rely on it as much.


Durian Generation-

Do you recall anyone spending hours on social media on a daily basis? The odds are they belong to this generation.

Strawberry Generation-

On the contrary, I have noticed individuals in this group know how to well-balance their screen time with other activities.


  • Relationship principles: 

The Durian Generation are typically more superficial in their approach to relationships, highlighting things like outward appearance and material possessions. 

On the other hand, the Strawberry Generation highly values emotional intelligence and sincere connections.


Durian Generation-

The members of this group might choose a partner based on their social status or wealth.

Strawberry Generation-

Members are more likely to value traits like kindness and empathy over social standards or financial status; when choosing a partner.


  • Life priorities:

The Strawberry Generation prioritizes personal development, self-discovery, and meaningful relationships, while; the Durian Generation often faces criticism for placing a higher value on worldly goods and status symbols.


Durian Generation-

These people may prioritize purchasing a luxury car or designer clothing to feel better.

Strawberry Generation-

Individuals in this category are more likely to choose travel, experiences and self-care.


  • Perspective and attitude towards life:

The Durian Generation is typically known as entitled, spoiled, and lacking in resilience, while the Strawberry Generation is more laid-back, self-aware, and appreciative of what they have.


Durian Generation-

People in this group might throw a tantrum if they do not get what they want.

Strawberry Generation-

A member might take a step back, evaluate the situation, and come back with a more innovative solution.

Generation Age Range Year of Birth
Strawberry Generation 21 to 41 years old 1982 – 2002
Durian Generation 0 to 21 years old After 2002
Snowflake Generation 0 to 21 years old After Durian Generation


To conclude, I would say that even though both; the Strawberry Generation and the Durian Generation have distinctive traits of their own, it is paramount to bear in mind that every generation has both; its strengths and weaknesses. 

Indeed, both generations have a lot to offer, and neither is superior to the other in any form or sense. 

At last, it is up to us, and; each individual- to choose our own values, attitudes, and ways of thinking. Furthermore, in light of these observations, society must also value diversity and promote respect and understanding.


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