Why teacher are pivot for toddlers
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Why Teachers are the Pivot For Toddlers?

For toddlers early learning and development are critical especially when they are starting schooling. Preschool toddlers do need special care and attention. Being a teacher you need to encounter their lack of understanding within the class environment. Most of the time specialists are required to do the job. 

There are special courses and psychological aspects while dealing with toddlers. They are not getting strict instruction from the teacher, as they are new to a school environment. The most essential thing to know is their aptitude concerning their age. Age calculators provide a simple workout technique for toddlers. 

Here describing four Cognitive stages of development in Toddlers:

Babies are going through various cognitive stages of mental growth. Their brain processes information in sequence like Thinking and Understanding 

The 4 stages are:
  1. SonsoriMotor Stage 
  2. PreOperational Stage 
  3. Concrete Operational Stage 
  4. Formal Operational Stage 


SonsoriMotor Stage(0-2 Years): 

SonsoriMotor Stage is the cognitive stage of a baby’s brain. It starts from their birth to the second year of their age. Babies are going to perceive a world on their sensory level. In this stage, their brain is growing at a fast base. Research has shown it is the fastest stage of brain development in kids.

SonsoriMotor Stage(0-2 Years)


The exact SonsoriMotor Stage is between (0-2) years for kids. The role of teachers is critical in that age as parents are busy these days. Especially working mothers do need the real assistance of babysitters. An calculator online is a good way to know the exact age of kids as the SonsoriMotor Stage only lasts for the first 24 months of kids. 


Preoperational Stage(2-6 Years):

The preoperational stage normally starts in 2nd year of a kid’s life and lasts until 6th year. At this age, kids usually go to school. Preschool starts from the sensorimotor stage. The role of teachers is critical in this age. Experts recommend specialist educators for toddlers, as they are equipped to understand kids’ psychology.

Specialists are needed for kids’ education as the preoperational stage is one of the most important parts of kids’ lives. The logical functioning of teaching is not always there and kids are not properly educated. They need a specific training environment for proper growth. Kids feel in trouble while putting things all together. 

In the preoperational stage following recommendations are given:

Repeated Work: Repeated work like Tables, Rhymes, and Poems are better ways to teach Toddlers at that age.

Be Polite: Try to be polite to kids as their brains are growing and it is difficult for them to learn simple things.

Be Consistent:  Consistency is one of the main elements in teaching kids of that age, they are going to learn after repetitive tasks.


Concrete Operational Stage(7-11): 

As described before preperational stage is the most important stage of kids’ training. If kids are properly mentored by specialists in the preoperational stage. Then it is easy to teach them in the Concrete Operational Stage. Calculate the age of a kid by age in the month calculator and teach students accordingly. Being a teacher it is easy for kids to understand logics and arithmetic operations in that stage.

  • Add Logics:  Being a teacher it is necessary to add logic like >,<, =, >=, in their education. 
  • Arithmetics: Kids can learn arithmetics operations +, -, ×, and / for kids.


Formal Operation Stage(12 Years):

The formal operation stage starts after 12 years in kids. At this age, kids are mature enough to engage in various technical aspects of education. They can learn the the implementation of logic and in some cases are equipped to learn even programming. Kids are equipped to learn various programming languages like Java, and C++.

Formal Operation Stage(12 Years):

Tag the programming language in the education of kids. The main reason for that kids are mature enough to learn programming language. In this age of digitalization programming languages are part and parcel of every field. Programming is necessary for kids, and if the preoperational stage is properly nourished. The age calculator is a simple way to know their age in terms of months and days.



Kids are growing and their age does pass through various stages. Teachers do need specific expertise to deal with teaching different age groups of kids. All the stages are critical for kids’ growth but the preoperational stage is one of the most important stages of all. Take care of your kids at that age for better nourishment of your future.

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