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Good Qualities of a Preschool Teacher to look for

If you’re looking for the qualities of a good preschool teacher, you should know that the role of a preschool teacher is essential in helping children prepare for their future academic life. When searching for the ideal qualities of a preschool teacher, many aspects can help parents make an informed decision.

The biggest issue regarding identifying the right preschool teacher is that they must understand early childhood development. A good teacher should understand how children learn, develop and behave at different life stages. That’s not it. There’s more to being a good teacher than just knowing the theories.

Let us take you through some qualities of a good preschool teacher. This way, you can identify the right candidate for your child.

Why Should One Look for Good Qualities in a Preschool Teacher?

Now, whether you’re looking for a preschool teacher or a kindergarten teacher, you must check if they possess the qualities of an excellent preschool teacher.

First and foremost, recruiting the ideal preschool teachers with the right personal and professional qualities can help ensure your child’s safety and positive development.

Secondly, a good preschool teacher can provide the foundation for your child’s academic progress.

The Effect of A Good Preschool Teacher on Students

A kindergarten teacher can impact a child’s entire future. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen preschool teacher can provide an ideal learning environment.

The qualities of a preschool teacher can:

  • Enhance the learning process.
  • Help children build self-confidence.
  • Stimulate interest in academics.
  • Encourage social and emotional development.

Characteristics of a Good Preschool Teacher to Look For

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It’s essential to recruit a preschool teacher with the right qualities. Here are some of the essential personal and professional qualities you should look for in a good preschool teacher:


It can only substitute a preschool teacher’s passion for the job. A passionate preschool teacher can pass down their enthusiasm to the young students. They should be enthusiastic and committed to working with children, providing them with the proper guidance and support.


A preschool teacher should be patient and understanding of all the children in their care. They need to be able to handle children’s tantrums, frustrations, and misbehavior calmly and composedly.


Effective preschool teachers should have strong communication skills essential for working with young children. They must be able to communicate effectively with parents and students. Communication is an essential tool for understanding children and helping them learn.


Creativity in a child’s formative years shapes the way they think and approach future problems. A good preschool teacher should be able to develop creative ideas and activities for the children. They should be innovative, allowing students to explore their creativity.


For any preschool teacher to be successful, they must be able to keep track of all their tasks and responsibilities. They should possess strong organizational skills to ensure every child is safe, secure, and on the right learning path.


A good preschool teacher needs to show warmth and care toward every student in the class. They must also be aware of any special needs a child may have, ensuring they are cared for and given enough attention.

Attentive to Children’s Needs

A good teacher in the formative years of a child should be observant and attentive to the needs of each child in the class. They should be able to recognize potential problems or issues that a child might have and offer suitable solutions.


Being empathetic and understanding towards each child in the class is a must. They must show kindness, generosity, and support to ensure the children’s development. Without empathy, a preschool teacher’s job would certainly be incomplete.


The classroom environment should remain positive at all times. A good preschool teacher should have a positive outlook on life and be able to influence the children in their class positively.

Red Flag Qualities of Preschool Teachers to Avoid

When looking for a preschool teacher, one must be aware of any negative qualities that might indicate an unsuitable candidate. Here are some red flag qualities of a bad preschool teacher you should watch out for in potential preschool teachers:


It is essential to look out for any signs of unprofessionalism, such as arriving late to work, lack of grooming, etc. Preschool teachers should be held to a high standard and must set the right example for their students.

Angry Behavior

Teachers should not display any angry or aggressive behavior in the preschool. They should be patient, calm, and understanding when dealing with the children in their care.

Paying Less Attention to Students and More Attention to Other Things

It is a warning sign if a teacher is more focused on things such as their own phone or conversations with other staff members. They should be attentive to the needs of each child in the class.

Inappropriate Interactions

A good teacher should refrain from inappropriate interactions such as physical contact, verbal abuse, or making jokes in poor taste. They should maintain a professional relationship with each of the children in their care.

Lack of Communication

A lack of communication with parents is a major red flag. A good childhood teacher should be able to communicate effectively with the parents of each child in their class. This is very true in matters of safety and well-being in a preschool.

Inattention to safety

The health and safety of every child in the class should be a priority. When teaching in a preschool, one should be aware of the risks of having young children in their care and take all necessary precautions. Poor attention to safety is a major red flag.

Inadequate Training and Experience

It is important to ensure that any potential teacher in preschool has adequate training and experience. They should possess all the necessary skills, qualifications, and certifications to teach preschoolers effectively. Inadequate training and experience can be a major concern.

The Importance of a Remarkable Preschool Teacher – Student Bond

As the little ones in the class learn and grow, they look to their teacher as a guidance figure. Therefore, preschool teachers must form a strong bond with their students, not just through effective communication but also by showing kindness and care toward each of them. A remarkable preschool teacher-student bond is the key to success in this regard. This bond helps provide an environment of trust and security which is essential for children to flourish in their formative years.

The role of preschool teachers is thus very important, as they are responsible for the overall development and well-being of each child in their care. It is, therefore, vital that they possess all the qualities that make a great preschool teacher, as these qualities will ensure each child’s safety, security, and success in their learning path.

What Are Some Benefits of Hiring a Qualified Preschool Teacher to The School?

Having an experienced and qualified preschool teacher can provide many benefits to the development and learning of your child as well as to the school. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Improved Classroom Management – A qualified preschool teacher is better equipped to manage a classroom of children, ensuring that all their needs are met and that each student receives an equal level of attention. This can help create a positive learning environment where students can thrive and make the most of their educational opportunities.
  • Enhanced Curriculum – A qualified preschool teacher will be able to provide an enriched and engaging curriculum, including activities that stimulate children’s minds and help them learn in a fun and interactive way. This can also contribute to the overall development of your child.
  • Improved Social Skills – A qualified preschool teacher will be able to help each child develop strong social skills, such as interacting with peers and expressing themselves constructively. This can be especially beneficial for children struggling to make friends or communicate effectively.
  • Emotional Support – An experienced and qualified preschool teacher can provide emotional support to your child, which can significantly help when dealing with difficult emotions or situations. A qualified preschool teacher can provide comfort and reassurance when needed.
  • Safety – Qualified preschool teachers have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that safety is always a priority in the classroom and will make sure that each student is safe and secure.

Overall, having a qualified preschool teacher can provide many advantages that will benefit your child and the school as a whole.

FAQs Related to A Qualified Preschool Teacher

A Woman Holding a Picture Card – Good Qualities of a Preschool Teacher

How Do You Describe A Preschool Teacher on A Resume?

When describing a preschool teacher on your resume, include any relevant experience, qualifications, and skills that make you the ideal candidate. Also, highlight positive qualities that benefit a preschool setting, such as patience and creativity.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Preschool Teacher?

To be a qualified preschool teacher, you must have an accredited degree in early childhood development or teaching and several years of relevant experience. In some cases, additional qualifications such as first aid and CPR certification may also be required.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Preschool Teacher?

The primary responsibility of a preschool teacher is to provide the best care and education for each child in their class. This includes creating lesson plans, assessing students’ progress, providing emotional support, and fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment.

What Are The 5 Qualities of A Good Teacher?

The five qualities of a good teacher are patience, creativity, organization, a positive attitude, and the ability to motivate and inspire. These qualities can help teachers create an engaging and stimulating learning environment for their students.

How Can A Good Teacher in Preschool Help Students?

A good teacher in preschool can help students develop the necessary skills for their academic success. This includes helping them learn basic literacy and numeracy skills and developing their social, emotional, and communication abilities. A good teacher will also be able to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each student can thrive.

Getting The Right Qualified Preschool Teacher

When looking for a qualified preschool teacher, you should now be better equipped to find the right preschool teacher for your child. Finding the ideal teacher with the proper qualification for your child can be challenging. Make sure you take your time and thoroughly background check any prospective teachers before making a decision.

A good preschool teacher can make all the difference in a child’s educational journey. Ensuring your child is in the right environment with a positive, caring, and dedicated teacher can help ensure your child’s safety and positive development.


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