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Best Preschool in Sengkang 2024

Top Preschools in Sengkang

In Singapore, choosing a preschool is a challenging decision. Here are some top preschools that you can find in Sengkang. Delve into key considerations for choosing the finest fit for your child’s early education.


Little Footprints Preschool (Sengkang)

Little Footprints Preschool (Sengkang) Best preschool in Sengkang

Image credit: Little Footprints Preschool

Little Footprints Preschool @ Sengkang is situated within a private estate along the vibrant Punggol Road.

The center boasts an expansive outdoor space featuring a tricycle track, water play, and sand play zones—where children partake in their daily play sessions. Notably, this specific Little Footprints Preschool branch stands apart with the inclusion of a lap pool, exclusively utilized for our swimming enrichment program.

The interior design embraces a closed-concept classroom arrangement, ensuring a comfortable and conducive learning environment for children on a daily basis.

The educational philosophy at Little Footprints Preschool revolves around I.D.E.A – a comprehensive Integrated approach to theme-based learning. This approach facilitates progressive learning and Development through Experiential techniques and Active engagement. Our pedagogy empowers children to assume ownership of their learning journey, as educators inspire them to question, acquire knowledge from guest speakers, participate in termly field trips, engage in research through literature, and conduct interviews with adults.

This approach fosters an engaging educational experience for children aged 18 months to 6 years, nurturing them with essential skills vital for their formal schooling ahead.

Contact Number: +65 68171393

Address: 420 Punggol Road, Singapore 546674

Website: https://littlefootprints.edu.sg/centres/sengkang


Cambridge @ Sengkang

Best preschool in sengkang

Image credit: Cambridge @ Sengkang

Cambridge Pre-school acknowledges the imperative of envisioning the future world in which each child will navigate. The preschool’s focus lies in arming young minds with distinctly human skills that are irreplaceable by automation – innovation, problem-solving, and creative and critical thinking.

The acclaimed curriculum introduces children to iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), ingeniously designed to foster these indispensable skills in an engaging, age-appropriate manner, nurturing them for forthcoming triumphs. The iSTEAM approach centers around “thinking with hands,” embracing hands-on inquiries and open-ended explorations of captivating subjects, effectively laying the groundwork for the child’s future.

From toddlers to Nursery 2, iSTEAM is seamlessly woven into daily encounters through developmentally fitting hands-on engagements intertwined with the world around them. By tapping into each child’s innate curiosity and fascination with the world, opportunities for exploration, inquiry, learning, and innovation abound in subtle ways, cultivating the bedrock for progress into the more intricate iSTEAM curriculum of Kindergarten 1 and 2.

Upon reaching Kindergarten 1, children are primed for more intricate undertakings necessitating higher cognitive faculties. The iSTEAM curriculum empowers them to investigate, innovate, predict, experiment, and share discoveries with peers. This curriculum unveils exciting activities such as DNA extraction, coding and robotics, circuit construction, and chemical reactions, fostering a dynamic learning journey for each child.

Contact Number: +65 6315 3183

Address: 50 Sengkang East Way Singapore 548601

Email: Sengkang@cambridge.school

Website: https://cambridge.school/


Kiddie Explorers Preschool

Kiddie Explorers Preschool- Best preschool in sengkang

Image credit: Kiddie Explorers Preschool

The team at Kiddie Explorers is dedicated to offering an unparalleled preschool experience for both parents and children, ensuring that quality education and care are prioritized.

Kiddie Explorers Preschool places a strong emphasis on involving parents in their education approach while collaborating with community partners to enhance children’s learning journeys and contribute positively to society.

At Kiddie Explorers, the approach to education revolves around fostering a sense of wonder, exploration, discovery, and creativity in children. The program emphasizes active learning and recognizes that children thrive when engaged in enjoyable activities.

The philosophy acknowledges the value of self-directed play and materials in children’s learning. Child-initiated projects, referred to as “Project I-Wonder,” are integrated within the curriculum, allowing children to pursue their interests.

The curriculum seamlessly integrates learning and nurturing. Drawing inspiration from the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) and Nurturing Early Learners (NEL), it encompasses six key learning areas aligned with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Nurturing Early Learners (2012).

Contact Number: +65 6380 7038

Address: 431 Punggol Road, Singapore 546654, Singapore

Email: contact@kiddieexplorers.com

Website: https://kiddieexplorers.com/


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